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Happy Influential Women's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!! I do realize as a therapist that this day can be full of joy or another reminder of what you don’t have. One of the many topics discussed in therapy is troubled relationships with mothers. Thus Mother’s Day could be a difficult day reminding them of what they lack in their relationships with their mothers. Another reason Mother’s Day could be tricky could be due to a person’s mother passing and is no longer alive to celebrate this special day. I would like us to take a moment to reframe Mother’s Day to Influential Women’s Day.

This is a day to honor any woman who has played an influential role in your life. This influential woman could be a teacher, good family friend, sister, aunt, grandmother, or neighbor. The list goes on and on. Take a moment and think about the women throughout your life who have helped shape you to the amazing person that you are. I think about the close family friend who is only 9 years older than me, but she was the one who I could talk to and ask real-life questions too. She’s the one who supported me when I came up with the crazy idea to move from Seattle (hometown) to New York City to go to college to become a therapist. She helped me sell the idea to my parents, who were not so overjoyed at the idea of an 18-year-old moving to the big city. I think back and wonder whether I would have become the person I am today if I would have stayed closer to home to go to college. She is still a very influential person in my life today.

Take a moment and identify who the influential women are in your life. Then take another moment to reach out to them and let them know what a difference they made in your life.


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