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About You

You are someone who may be feeling stuck, lost, or you don’t know how to reach your goals.  


The worst part? You remember what it’s like to feel happy, content, and without doubt and fear.


You are reaching the point where you feel so exhausted that you feel like you “can’t do this anymore.“ Your old coping skills are becoming limiting and constraining. They no longer are helping you progress in life.


You are ready to put energy into reclaiming your voice. 


You go to work, or school, and keep up with friends and daily routines but something is missing. You don’t feel like you are in the right place and wonder how to actually get there. 


You’re smart enough to know you can’t do this alone anymore.

You’re ready to invest in YOURSELF. 

Invest in Yourself
Joanna Pudil, LCSW-R




About Me

I am a fun-loving and compassionate therapist with a knack for getting to the heart of the matter. 


I am an expert in taking difficult life situations and making them manageable. 


I believe that there is hope in every situation because all problems are “figure-out-able.” 


I am different from other clinicians because I am engaging and personable. I know what it is like to not fit in and to not be able to always meet other people’s expectations. Yet, still have a happy and fulfilling life. This is my vision for my clients too. 


I have over 20 years of clinical experience, focusing on anxiety, depression adjustments disorders, and trauma. 


I am a proud graduate of Hunter School of Social Work (MSW) as well as CUNY City College (MA Psych). I am trained in a wide range of clinical, evidence-based interventions. I have presented at many conferences nationally and internationally, most notable in Seoul, Korea, and am a contributor to various peer-reviewed journals. I am passionate about helping people through life transitions. 


I am a mom of two amazing boys and a rescue cat named Brooklyn. I have lived in New York City with my family for over 30 years.

Individual Adult Therapy
Happy Teens
Parenting Support
Life Transition Specialist, NYC

About Us

Your job is to be yourself. 


My job is to provide an empathetic safe place for you to explore your feelings, identify patterns, and explore with new ideas. My approach is tailored to your individual needs.


The ultimate goal is to develop insight that will help you make a change in your life.


I love having conversations, explorations, and finding solutions with clients. 


My clients will tell you that I am a good mix of caring, sensitivity and that I find humor in every day. I love to laugh and bring some levity to sessions. My ideal client shares this value. 


We are both committed to the therapeutic process and this therapeutic relationship. We both believe that investing in yourself is the most important commitment you can make. 

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