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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Pudil, LCSW-R

Happy Groundhog’s Day!!

I think it is so important to acknowledge that this lesser holiday has actually been going on for a year now. It just finally got its special day. The pandemic has significantly changed our lives. More employees and students are working remotely from home. The importance of holidays has significantly been reduced. We aren’t having the big gatherings anymore, nor the big celebrations. Our days have been blending into one another for a significant time now. Thus, every day for the past year has been feeling like Groundhog’s Day. The same day just a little different. I know I have lost my sense of time and date.

Ok, I’m really referring to the movie “Groundhog’s Day”, not the official holiday. In the movie, the title character, Phil, wakes up to the same day over and over again. Initially, this is very confusing and frustrating for him to be in this time loop. His frustrations then lead to becoming depressed and desperate to escape. Does this sound familiar? I know I would love to be on a Caribbean Island sitting in the sun. Then Phil embraces his new normal. Initially, Phil takes advantage of it by engaging in negative behaviors, but then he realizes that this is a blessing, not a curse. He has the opportunity to change himself and others. Through this realization Phil finds happiness.

So, what can we do while we are in this time loop? What can you do to find peace and happiness? Who can we help during this time? What new skills can we develop? I want to give you this challenge to find peace and happiness on this Groundhog’s Day.


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