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This is the month of gathering together with loved ones and eating a festive Turkey dinner. For many of us, it also provides a moment to take pause and give thanks for all that we have in our lives. Have you ever thought that this simple action could be a therapeutic moment? It actually is a therapeutic moment. As always I am grateful for you all and always available to assist you or anyone that needs my help.

Gratitude can

  •  Shield you from negativity

  •  Make you happier

  •  Rewires your brain

  •  Eliminates stress

  •  Is healing

  •  Boosts self-esteem and performance

  •  Improves sleep

  •  Improves relationship

By identifying and listing the things we are grateful for can help refocus us from the negative parts of our lives to the positive parts. Sure things can be difficult in our lives, but focusing on the positive parts can make the difficult parts more manageable. Aesop says “Gratitude turns what we have into enough”. So, I want to encourage you to get creative in identifying your gratitude. On Instagram, many people are writing on pumpkins what that they are grateful for. You can keep a gratitude journal or put a big piece of paper up on a wall and write something that you are grateful for each day. I want to encourage you to identify what you are grateful for and do it often. Don’t just save it for Thanksgiving. I wanted to take a moment to show my gratitude for you all taking the time to read my blogs. Thank you.


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