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30 Day Self-Care Challenge

So, are you ready for the 30 day challenge? Every day I want to you do something to show love toward yourself. It can be big or small. It’s your choice. If you have no idea where to start here are some suggestions.

30 Ways to Self-Care

  1. Stretch for 5 minutes

  2. Schedule a checkup (We are all behind in doing this)

  3. Wear a cute outfit

  4. Take silly pictures that make you smile

  5. Declare a couch day

  6. Buy yourself flowers

  7. Take a 10 to 15 minute power nap

  8. Cook your favorite meal

  9. Put on music and dance

  10. Take deep breaths in for the count of 4 and exhale for the count of 6

  11. Light a candle

  12. Read a good book

  13. Try a DIY project

  14. Watch your favorite movie at home or go out to the movies

  15. Bake a tasty treat (I love to bake and decorate sugar cookies. It’s amazing therapy for me)

  16. Color a picture

  17. Talk to a friend

  18. Laugh (you know the kind that causes tears to stream down your face type of laughing)

  19. Go shopping and buy yourself something nice

  20. Declutter a room or desk

  21. Start a gratitude journal

  22. Learn to meditate

  23. Take a walk outside

  24. Listen to a podcast (Brene Brown’s podcast is amazing!!)

  25. Learn to cook a new recipe

  26. Go to bed 30 minutes early or get up 10 minutes early

  27. Have a spa day either at home or at your favorite spa

  28. Write a list of the things you like about yourself

  29. Have a game night

  30. Book a therapy session (Of course I had to put this on the list)

I hope you take this challenge you are important and deserve "me time" every day. Enjoy taking the challenge. You will only benefit from it.


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