Individual Therapy

I provide individual session using various modalities including CBT, Motivational Interviewing, and Problem Solving Therapy and coaching. 


Some of the major life transitions you may be facing are:

  • Parenting issues due to difficulties with your child’s phase of life issues

  • Change in career

  • Traumatic event

  • Death of a loved one or other losses

  • Diagnosis of a chronic illness

  • Transitions through school

  • Starting or ending a romantic relationship

  • Phase of life issues

Parenting Support Upper West Side, NYC
Life transitions, Upper West Side, NYC
Therapy for starting or ending a relationship
Phases of life issues



Group Therapy

Group Therapy allows you to meet other people who are struggling with the same transitions, which give you an opportunity to normalize what you are going through. Group topics:


  • Struggles of being a parent in NYC

  • Teenage angst and all of the other struggles with being a teen

  • Divorce support group

  • Overcoming barriers in life to allow new transitions

Group Therapy, Upper West Side, NYC



  • A Map to Parenting:  Parenting, kids, and everything in between

  • Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll:  Raising City Teens

  • Healing Family Conflict

  • The Fulfilled Corporate Life

Parenting and kids
Courses for The Fullfilled Corporate Life
Parenting Courses