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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Pudil, LCSW-R

Use your Wise Mind

As we all know COVID -19 (coronavirus) is here. This is causing many feelings in people, mostly panic and fear. This has been evident with the over buying supplies in stores, people wearing masks when out and one poor child I saw on the subway platform that his mother had dressed him in latex gloves and pulled his hoodie pulled tight over his face that it only showed his eyes. You know that child is her pride and joy that she has to protect with every means necessary. I know we all feel the same way as that mother does. However, brain science tells us that panic is reactionary and not based on facts. When we panic our brains become more susceptible to fear and anxiety, which then can cause in making rash decisions. These rash decisions most likely are not good decisions. We want to use our Emotional Intelligence, which is to identify, understand and manage emotions in yourself and others. This allows us to keep our emotions under control so we can make balanced and reasonable decisions.

In DBT therapy this is called using your Wise Mind. This is using our rational thinking to then dictate our behaviors. In Wise Mind we know to think safety first by using good hand hygiene, buy essential things (hand sanitizer and wipes) in an amount that fits our needs and leaves some for others, etc. Using Wise Mind means to keep leading our normal lives as much as possible. I know this is tough since information is changing daily lives by the minute. But it is important to set the tone of calm and to make your mental health a priority. This can be achieved by taking a moment to focus on and take deep breaths or meditate. This will flood the brain with oxygen. Stay connected with friends and family, which can be achieved through social media and face timing. Watch a funny movie. Laughter is always good medicine. Make sure to get plenty of sleep and balanced meals. Finally, therapy is always a good outlet to explore your thoughts and concerns about current events. Remember that your mental health is just as much as a priority as your physical health. My office door is always open.


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